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The grandeur of the past meets Andros of today

For many, the Chora, the main town of Andros that is, is one of the most majestic insular towns of the Aegean Sea. Hometown to affluent ship-owners and businessmen and known for its rich naval history, the Andros’ Chora maintains its emblematic neoclassical architecture and idyllic allure almost intact to this day. Impressive mansions and town houses, imposing municipal buildings, quaint cobblestoned streets and alleys and an air of a distant era will make your first stroll in Andros seem like a virtual time travel. Adding to the charm, quaint churches, traditional cafés and restaurants and crowds jauntily perusing without a care in the world; it is understandable why Andros is such an appealing destination.

andros island, Destination


The verdant island of Andros, due to its strategic position on the north of the Cyclades island complex, has a rich history that dates back to antiquity. It was founded by Andros, a Minoan general of King Radamanthys and in its course through the centuries, the island was prosperous, a strong naval force. Up to WWII, Andros was at the top of commercial shipping around the Mediterranean, and the affluence of its residents is evident until today, through the imposing architecture, the majestic churches and the significant heritage of Andros.

andros island, Destination

andros island, Destination

andros island, Destination


Apart from the aforementioned museums situated in the Chora of Andros, there are also some interesting sites worthy of visiting while staying on the island. Palaiopolis, the ancient capital of Andros, the ruins of the ancient city of Ipsili, the gorgeous Zagora and the Tower of Saint Peter are the most significant archaeological excavations on the island, whereas the ruins of the Venetian Castles on the port of Chora and of PanoKastro near the Kohilou village showcase the island’s medieval past.

andros island, Destination


The island of Andros is so unlike most of the Cycladic Isles. Lush, verdant forests, streams and waterfalls, stunning flora and fauna comprise a natural habitat so vital and impressive that it has been included in the European network of protected areas Natura 2000.

Highly popular among visitors is the Cave of Aladino, near the Aladino village, an impressive cave with stalagmites and stalactites almost 5 million years old.

In the Apoikia village, the Sariza spring is known for the healing properties of its waters, whereas if you truly want to get in touch with the nature of Andros, Pythara is the place you should look for.

Also known as “the Fairyland”, in Pythara you will find a breathtaking scenery of waterfalls, ponds, verdure and wildlife, quite unusual for the Cyclades yet absolutely enchanting!

andros island, Destination

andros island, Destination

andros island, Destination


Like almost every island of the Cyclades, Andros has a wide variety of unique delicacies that stand out.

Some of Andros’ most distinctive cheeses are Volaki, Petroti and Kopanisti, spicy tastes that go hand in hand with the intoxicating Potzi, a type of homemade raki.

The real taste of Andros though, where all of its nature seems to transform into mouth-watering bite sized treats is found in the desserts; walnuts, almonds, sesame, bergamot even rose pedals flavor spoon-sweets, Amigdalota, Kaltsounia and Pastelia.

Taste the delicious specialties of Andros in any of its numerous cafés, bakeries and restaurants, where traditional and modern cuisine pays homage to these tastes by innovative recipes, modern takes on the classics or simple, nostalgic journeys flavored by the refreshing Soumada, an almond beverage beloved by all.

andros island, Destination


On the scenic island of Andros there is no shortage on gorgeous sandy beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the crystalline sea.

On the west side of Andros beaches such as Chrisi Ammos, AgiosPetros, Batsi, Plaka and Apothikes are all well-organized with modern facilities, sunbeds, umbrellas and beach-bars and restaurants.

On the east side of the island, there are some gorgeous beaches as well; the most famous of them probably is the GriasPidima (the old lady’s leap) at Korthi, named after a characteristic tall rock in the waters that resembles an old lady about to leap.

Other beaches on the east are Syneti, Korthi, Achla, Gialia, Zorkos, Vitali and Vori.

andros island, Destination

andros island, Destination

andros island, Destination


The villages of Andros are as fittingly beautiful as the scenic Chora prefigures.

Batsi, a picturesque fishing cove has gradually become a cosmopolitan village, without losing its traditional charm, together with its neighbouring Gavrio, the main port of the island.

Ormos is a seaside resort perfect for surfers, whereas in the mainland, Stenies, Mesathouri and Menites have a more mountainous feel, surrounded by the verdant nature of Andros. The best trekking routes are found in and around Menites, with an abundance of water springs and gorgeous views.

For any additional information on what to do while staying on the island of Andros, reservations for activities, excursions, cruises or arrangements for car and motorbike rentals, don’t hesitate to address the Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel concierge. We would be happy to assist you with anything that would enhance your Andros holiday experience.

andros island, Destination
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    Enshrouded in an air of aristocracy and nostalgia, the 5-star Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel in Andros Island is an elegant accommodation choice for visitors who wish to capture the pure romance of Andros’ past grandeur, whilst staying in an exquisite 19th century mansion.

    In an architectural masterpiece that has become an iconic landmark of the town you will become one with the island’s history, its glorious past and you will feel as if you are in a dreamy movie set, or even as if you have travelled back in time